The true spirit and beauty of weddings can’t be found in the cake, in the flowers, and in the carefully-planned decoration. And while your beautiful wedding dress and the sumptuous food are great highlights, these also aren’t what you’ll remember about your wedding day.

Years from now, what will remain crystal clear about your wedding day is the ceremony. The rituals, the words and the different ways you say ‘I do’, while your friends and family watch, are the things you will remember.

Because the ceremony itself is so important to your wedding day, we at Special Ceremonies want to focus on making your ceremony unique, beautiful, and unforgettable.

A ceremony made in heaven – for the two of you

The union of two people in a wedding is a beautiful sight to behold. And while some aspects can remain the same throughout different wedding ceremonies, there are other aspects of a wedding that can be uniquely yours.

Here at Special Ceremonies, we are dedicated to tailoring the wedding ceremony to meet your style and preferences. We want the wedding ceremony to reflect your personality and the strengths of your beautiful relationship.

All of our professional services, from the planning process to the provision of designed certificates, is dedicated to making that happen.

And you’ll definitely be part of this journey. Face-to-face planning sessions will ensure we capture your relationship’s spirit. It’s not necessary for you to work hard; we simply need to spend a half hour or so with you to get to know you. Then, we will work out the rest of the details of the ceremony.

What’s included in our wedding services?

Special Ceremonies guarantees the following:

  • Professional management of the different aspects of weddings
  • Completion and lodgement of necessary legal documentation
  • Access to a wide range of online and written resources
  • Unlimited communication
  • Two presentation copies of your ceremony
  • A commemorative display certificate with a design of your choice

The standard fee for a weekend ceremony is $400.00. There may be additional fees for travel, risk, or out-of-pocket expenses. These are all details that can be discussed at the planning session and agreed upon. To book, download the booking form and email it back to