Wedding Party Bus for Hens Parties and Bucks Parties

Weddings are always cause for a big celebration. You deserve to party and have fun with your best friends and family. Finding the perfect spot to celebrate a hen’s party or a buck’s party, however, can be a challenge. What’s a fun, fresh, yet simple way to get everyone close together? A wedding party bus!

A wedding party bus for truly special ceremonies

Special Ceremonies believes in making personal moments even more memorable. When it comes to weddings, every single step of the journey is worth spending time and effort on. You deserve only the best, from choosing the best catering, arranging rehearsal dinners, and hosting a truly exciting hen’s party and buck’s party.

A bride’s hen party is an extra special milestone where the bride and her closest friends can relax and look forward the coming wedding. The special women in a bride’s life can exchange gifts, advice, and drinks. In the same way, bucks parties are the perfect opportunity for a groom and his friends to unwind and anticipate the upcoming nuptials.

In the list of maid of honour and best man duties, the hen’s party and the buck’s party are top priorities. Being chosen as the bride or groom’s right hand is a great privilege. However, it comes with the big responsibility of organising wedding party details. Done well, staging a fun party can help set the mood and attitude of the bride and the groom for the future.

A unique and fun experience with a wedding party bus

Organising a fun, fresh, and great wedding party can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? You can always lead everyone on a merry bar hopping craze, with the unfortunate downside of people getting bored or tired while travelling from club to club. With all the ideas and overused tropes out there, you want to host and enjoy a truly standout party.

Having a party in a wedding party bus is a non-stop experience. A wedding party bus has everything you need to set the mood and get people screaming with laughter and fun. From food and drinks to cosy comfort, a wedding party bus offers it all.

The great thing about having a hen party or buck’s night in a party bus is the amount of creative control you can have over the party. It makes the experience truly unique and fun. As the maid of honour or best man, you know what type of party the future bride or groom will enjoy.

wedding party bus newcastle
party bus newcastle

What to expect with a wedding party bus

It might look like a normal bus from the outside, but the insides of a wedding party bus can be as wild and bright as you want it to be. The night party experience begins with everyone meeting at a central location. The party kicks in with the built-in music and lights system in every wedding party bus, and you can even serve as the DJ.

No hen’s party or buck’s party is complete without a bit of snacks and drinks, so you can bring that on board to. For example, Damien’s Party Entertainment Newcastle Party Bus has complimentary soft drink and water, plus they have a BYO policy for alcohol and drinks.

With a wedding party bus, none of your close friends and guests will have to get tired moving from club to club. After relaxing at the comfortable and stylish coach, you’ll all be refreshed for a great entrance at the best bars and party locations.
The entertainment on-board a wedding party bus is all up to you. You can go to well-known party service companies like Damien’s Party Entertainment to provide additional entertainment. Enjoy everything from jukebox sound systems to LED laser lights. You’ll have your entire wedding party howling with fun.

Pull out all the stops when it comes to your friend’s hen night or buck’s party. Don’t settle for the run-of-the-mill pub crawl. With a wedding party bus, you’ll be travelling in style and partying all night.

For all your wedding needs and favours, you know the company to call. Special Ceremonies is just a call away. Contact us today.