Wedding Gifts

When people think of weddings, they think of the wedding dress, the cake, and also wedding gifts. Wedding gifts and tokens are important elements of any wedding ceremony. They are the considerations of every guest, but also of every wedding planner.

They solidify the support and love of the people in attendance. They can be simple tokens of affection and appreciation towards the bride and the groom, or ways of giving thanks for the invitation to participate in such a unique ceremony.

Ideas for wedding gifts

Most married couples appreciate wedding gifts which are practical yet reflect their personality as a couple.

Popular wedding gifts include homeware tools and appliances, such as coffeemakers, set of knives and utensils, clocks and frames, and so on. These gifts signify the start of a new life and home together.

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Creating a Wedding Register

For bride and grooms, planning for wedding gifts should also be a consideration. An important tip for the big day is to create a wedding register. A wedding register is a list of gifts you or your future spouse would like to receive on your wedding day.

Creating a wedding register ensures that awkward gifts and doubled up presents can be avoided. It also ensures that guests won’t need to be worried about what to get the newly married couple.

Guests can select a present from the list of wedding gifts which suits their budget and their relationship to you. Gifts which have already been bought for you will be marked, so that guests won’t accidentally double up. It creates a more convenient and hassle-free system for everyone.

Because of its popularity and convenience, many department stores offer a wedding registry service.

Gifts on the wedding day

There are many ways gifts are received and given during a wedding ceremony. Usually, gifts are given during the reception portion of the ceremony. A small table to the side can receive the gifts. The presentation of gifts, however, can be also be a big part of the wedding day. It can be incorporated to the program itself.

Giving of gifts can be visibly done by guests to the bride and groom. For example, some traditions include the giving of the gifts to the parents of the bride, by the parents of the groom.

Wedding Gift Ideas and Suggestions

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