Welcome your new baby into the world and celebrate new life with a special naming ceremony. Naming ceremonies are beautiful and one-in-a-lifetime events.

The naming ceremony of your child should be memorable. With your friends and family in attendance, the atmosphere and flow of the ceremony will envelope your new child with love.

Choosing to have a naming ceremony

Many parents like you might choose to have a naming ceremony, and not a traditional christening, because of several reasons. You may have different religious beliefs, or you want your child to choose his or her own religious beliefs at a later age. Perhaps you want a unique and personalised ceremony to welcome your child.

Note that you can still christen your child in the traditional way at a later day. There’s no reason to feel limited about your options.

Unique for your child

Because naming ceremonies aren’t legal ceremonies, you have unlimited freedom to decide how you want your community to welcome your child. You can choose to include traditional elements from christening, like a candle lighting event or anointing of the child.

You can also personalise the event with more modern ceremonies, like a balloon release or a wishing tree, and give life to the ceremony with readings and music. It’s entirely up to you.

You can decide more about the ceremony after a face-to-face planning session with us. Everything from the basic elements of the ceremony, readings and rituals can be modified to suit your family’s preferences.

Our professional services

Here at Special Ceremonies, we guarantee to help make the naming ceremony beautiful and memorable. Our services include:

  • Personal management of every aspect of the ceremony
  • Face-to-face planning sessions
  • Access to a wide range of online and written resources
  • Two presentation copies of your ceremony
  • A commemorative display certificate with a design of your choice

Begin planning for your child’s naming ceremony. Personalise the event and host a ceremony that your friends and family will remember fondly. Simply download the booking form and email it back to