Hens Parties Packages and Male Strippers

Most girls dream of walking down the aisle to spend their happy ever after with the man of their dreams. A wedding is a momentous moment, and marks the beginning of a new chapter in a woman’s life. While a wedding is the start of her new life, it also ends her life as a single woman. To celebrate this new beginning, the maid of honour and the bridesmaids organise a party in honour of the bride.

What is a hen’s party?

A hen’s party, also called as bachelorette party or hen’s night, is a pre-wedding party for the bride to be. The practice has been done for centuries, and it is patterned after the groom-to-be’s bucks party.

It is a fun-filled night that usually starts with a dinner, some drinks, and some bonding activities to make it a memorable night.

How to plan a great hen’s party

There is no fix rule in planning a successful hen’s party. It will all depend on the personality and the preference of the bride to be. However, here are some basics that you should not forget.

Plan ahead and save the date.

Plan ahead so you can maximise on the number of people who can come to the party. The party is for the bride to be, so make sure that all (or almost all) of the important ladies in her life are there. Whatever you do, never schedule the hen’s night the night before the wedding day! You do not want the bride to be looking tired on her big day.

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Create and stick to the budget.

You can ask the bride’s closest friends to contribute for the party’s budget. Never ask the bride for contribution. Once you have the budget, stick with it to avoid any problems.

Stick to activities your bride will enjoy.

It is a party for the bride, so it is important that the bride will enjoy the party for her. Do not include activities that you know will humiliate the bride. You can have some naughty fun while still keeping it clean.

Don’t overdo it.

You may be tempted to pack as many activities as you can for the night of the party. Having too many activities, however, can end up in a disaster. You want the bride to savour the memories and have fun, not get harried from one place to another. If you will have your activities in multiple locations, make sure that they are near and accessible for everyone in the guest list.

Check out hen’s packages offered in your area.

You can also hire service providers that provide hen’s packages in your area. These hen’s packages usually include good-looking male performers who can be your waiters for the night. They can also give performances that will surely spice up the night and make it even more memorable.

Why should you hire male strippers?

It is, after all, a party where the bride says good-bye to single life, so it is just normal to include some naughty yet safe and fun elements in your party. Hiring male strippers is one way to make the night sexier. Hiring strippers does not mean you will end up with a trashy party. Have good-looking topless waiters serve your foods and drinks. These men are trained to give you steamy and fun entertainment.

From fun and erotic dance numbers, to naughty games and entertainment, professional male strippers will spice up your party. Have some good laughs with your girlfriends, and hire only male strippers from reputable service providers.

Hire hen’s party services from reputable party planners and service providers in Newcastle

Make your hen’s party even more memorable and exciting by hiring a party planner. A party planner will take care of everything, from planning to the party execution. We at Special Ceremonies work with reputable service providers like Newcastle Strippers, to give you an amazing party you will never forget.