The reaffirmation or beginning of commitment is a beautiful thing to celebrate. It’s the recognition of a journey already spent together, and a way to look forward to even more moments.

Special Ceremonies understands how important the celebration of lifelong commitment is. We want you to punctuate your life and love’s journey with a moment that’s filled with love, solemnity, and joy.

Our services are here to make your renewal of vows, or same sex commitment ceremony, as meaningful as possible.

Renewal of vows

One of the most celebrated commitment ceremonies is the renewal of vows. Many couples enjoy and opt to celebrate milestones with a ceremony such as this.

You can choose to celebrate your renewal of vows a year after your marriage, or several decades after. In fact, there is no limit to the number of times you can renew your love.

The ceremony of renewal of vows is usually similar in style and rituals as a marriage, but it’s not legally binding in any way. The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxed.

The point of a renewal of vows is to celebrate time as a couple, and to celebrate how much you grew throughout your relationship as a married couple. It’s also to reaffirm each other of your commitment.

Renewal of vows ceremonies is also a way to celebrate in front of old and new family and friends, especially for couples who married abroad.

Same sex unions

While same sex marriages are still not seen as a legal commitment with the current laws in most states and territories of the country, you should still be able to celebrate your love and journey as a couple in front of your friends and family.

Enjoy the bond you two share with a solemn commitment ceremony. Special Ceremonies understands how important this is to you, which is we offer dedicated preparation and a variety of services.

The ceremony can have elements similar to a traditional wedding, but it’s up to you to add more elements. It can be as traditional or as modern as you want. The planning is flexible enough to add your own style and preferences. The ceremony simply needs to reflect your personality and the spirit of your relationship.

Start the planning process and see your commitment established or reaffirmed in front of family and friends. Book now to hold your own special commitment ceremony. Download the booking form and email it back to